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Doing things backward: Study was designed to support the HHS Mandate

OSV has published an article that exposes the flawed reasoning behind a study that was designed, not to evaluate the situation and see what steps were needed to deal with it, but to support the HHS Mandate. The “study” is … Continue reading

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Abortion Never Saves A Woman’s Life, It Just Kills A Baby

How many times have you heard the lie that we must keep abortion legal to save women’s lives? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this monstrous lie. And that is just what it is. A monstrous lie. … Continue reading

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Man: who is he, why is he here, do we still care?

I have atheist friends who tell me that religion is useles;, that while primitives may have needed it, we modern men certainly do not. To them I can only reply, “So you’ve answered it, then.” “What?” they ask. “The perennial … Continue reading

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Respectable scientist, faithful Catholic, and prolife blogger

I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years with those who call themselves “pro-choice”. Some of the most annoying comments I’ve heard have centered on the fact that I am not a trained scientist and that I am a … Continue reading

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Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed, review on the way

A very kind soul has allowed me to borrow Ben Stein’s DVD, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I started watching it tonight and I’ll be reviewing it here soon. I’m still working on the continuing review of Sam Harris’s Letter to … Continue reading

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