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Didn’t see it coming, huh? Really? HHS Mandate and the end of religious liberty in the USA

I’ve got that old feeling. You know the one where you feel like someone’s kicked you in the stomach and you feel like you’re going to be sick? Yeah, that one. Same one I had back in 2008 when I … Continue reading

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Of LiveAction’s Acts of Lying and Playing by the Rules of Radical Organizer Saul Alinsky

There’s been talk on the internet and in some of the media recently about the tactics being used by Lila Rose and her group, LiveAction, “a new-media movement for life!” As glad as I am to see Planned Parenthood exposed for the … Continue reading

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Prolife group removes Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals from recommended book list

Back in February of this year I removed the links to LiveAction.org from my site because they listed Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky on their recommended books page. And when I contacted LiveAction via email and carried on a … Continue reading

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Obama, Pelosi, and the (new) relationship between church and state

Recently Nancy Pelosi asked, no, told the Catholic bishops to preach from their pulpits that the immigration reform she’s pushing is “manifesting our living the Gospel“. Obama wants the faith-based initiatives to push his green initiative with the EPA. Whatever … Continue reading

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Folks who think Obama doesn’t get it, don’t get it

I’m tired of hearing folks saying that Obama doesn’t get it, that he doesn’t understand what he’s doing, that he doesn’t see what is happening or where he is taking the country. Oh, I say, but he does. He does … Continue reading

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