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Counterfeit Catholics, A Little Comeuppance for the Rebellious and Ignorant

Michael Voris. A man not afraid to speak up and speak out and a bishop who is standing up to the counterfeit Catholics and in defense of the priests in his diocese. Thanks be to God! Good on ya both, Michael … Continue reading

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We don’t need another weatherman, not the radical revolutionary terrorist kind anyway

Want to read the full text of the infamous manifesto that gave the weathermen their name? Search no more. You Don’t Have to Be a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows is at the Internet Archive. Look on … Continue reading

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Alinsky Rules the Catholic Campaign for Radical Human Development

Check out Real Catholic TV‘s new project: Catholic Investigative Agency. First up in the series: CCHD and Alinsky! You’ll need to sign up for an account (free or premium—$10 a month— then look for the link to special programs on … Continue reading

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Your tax (and other) dollars at work, revolutionaries, er, organizers flock to Arizona

Your tax dollars at work: Socialist Revolutionaries, er, I mean, “Community Organizers” swooping in like vultures, using their “angelic” wings to fan the flames of racial unrest and hatred in Arizona. I was wondering how the protests got organized so … Continue reading

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