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Those videos are hard to watch

I have not watched the videos all the way through. You know the videos I’m talking about. Those videos. I have not watched them all the way through because they make me ill. They make me want to throw up … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood’s Prayer Vigil Parody

Planned Parenthood has their own version of 40 Days for Life, well, not for Life. I guess it’d be 40 Days for Aborting Life. What I really want to know is…who do they pray to? :/ Read more at LifeNews: … Continue reading

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A lot of abortions today in Birmingham, Alabama

Went to see October Baby last night, loved it! I’ll tell you more about that later. Part 2 of the rally post will be up later also (see rally post Part 1). Right now I’m too pooped to do much … Continue reading

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Waste Material, Compassionate Choice and Other Lies of Our Ancient Enemy

[The following is a report from my participation in 40 Days for Life, Days 17 and 18.] Friday was abortion day at Planned Parenthood in Birmingham. On Friday afternoon the truck came to pick up what is (euphemistically, I suppose) called … Continue reading

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Update on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Retreat via Podcast

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Retreat via Podcast began tonight (also see earlier post) and I found out a bit more about how this is going to work. The audio will be available at 8pm Eastern and 7pm Central Monday through … Continue reading

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