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Long time no see and an update, finally

It happened, I think, at least partially because of the way I was posting the Psalms project: using a third-party app and posting separate Tweets instead of a thread. All those Tweets may have looked like sp@m. That’s one reason … Continue reading

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Growing plants and plots and other whatnots

My dad developed worse trouble with his dementia and general health, so he’s moved out of the house and into a facility where he can receive memory care and more. (I’d be grateful if you’d keep him in your prayers. … Continue reading

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It was a dark and stormy night

It sure was a dark and stormy night. And day. And night before that. So the road I live on is flooded. Yep, flooded. (The house is okay, it’s on a hill on top of another hill. It’s the other … Continue reading

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Ongoing Conversion, getting more personal

I want to keep this blog centered on doctrine, issues, news, views, apologetics and the like, a place for study and reflection. But I also want to do writing of a more personal nature. That’s why tonight I re-opened my … Continue reading

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