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How is this for a movie title, The President Has Two Faces

If Hollywood made a movie about President Obama, they could call it “The President Has Two Faces”. Or for a better parallel in wording, “The Fuehrer Has Two Faces”. I just read an article by Thomas Sowell about the two … Continue reading

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News update, webcast for Saturday July 10 and Michael Vorris

Brief post to share a couple of important things with you. First, there’s a webcast tomorrow, July 10, about Ending Abortion. Register for the event now. If you can’t tune in, don’t worry; if you register, they’ll send you the … Continue reading

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Obama, Pelosi, and the (new) relationship between church and state

Recently Nancy Pelosi asked, no, told the Catholic bishops to preach from their pulpits that the immigration reform she’s pushing is “manifesting our living the Gospel“. Obama wants the faith-based initiatives to push his green initiative with the EPA. Whatever … Continue reading

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Where, oh, where are the prolife democrats?

Lifenews has a good article about last night’s perfidy perpetrated in full view of the American public. Pro-life Democrats. Yeah, right. I thought that was a contradiction in terms a couple of years ago when I experienced an awakening and … Continue reading

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Audacity, well, that is one name for it

Somebody was wandering through the blog the other day and left a comment on a post I wrote about the Mass, Salvation and the Sacraments. (You’ll notice, I’m sure, that the comment has less than nothing to do with the … Continue reading

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