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Of LiveAction’s Acts of Lying and Playing by the Rules of Radical Organizer Saul Alinsky

There’s been talk on the internet and in some of the media recently about the tactics being used by Lila Rose and her group, LiveAction, “a new-media movement for life!” As glad as I am to see Planned Parenthood exposed for the … Continue reading

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But we want them to lust after us, O, Catechesis, where art thou?

I was listening to Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Open Line this afternoon and a caller was asking him about something he (Fr. Mitch) had said about lust and about how we don’t want people to lust after us. Now I … Continue reading

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The heavens show forth the glory of God, another new banner

I’ve changed the banner on the blog yet again. It’s an obsession. I feel a need to update the look (or at least, the banner) with every change of my focus or interest, no matter how slight. The latest shift … Continue reading

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Rape and abortion, a Catholic view, Part 1

I have a friend who is beginning RCIA (taking “convert classes”) soon. A few days ago she thrust a magazine in my face, exclaiming, Have you heard about this? Is this right? The story before me was about the little … Continue reading

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