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40 Days for Life, God Works Wonders When We Stand Together To Pray

On Monday and Tuesday of this week two parishes had adopted the days so the sidewalk outside the abortuary was covered with a blanket of prayer. A veritable shield of prayer. I think there were two saves that day and … Continue reading

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Waste Material, Compassionate Choice and Other Lies of Our Ancient Enemy

[The following is a report from my participation in 40 Days for Life, Days 17 and 18.] Friday was abortion day at Planned Parenthood in Birmingham. On Friday afternoon the truck came to pick up what is (euphemistically, I suppose) called … Continue reading

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Abortuary Escort Shares Some Water With Prolife Prayer Group

For First Saturday I did something a little different this time. I was going to go to a 9:00 am Mass but instead I went to EWTN for the 7:00am Mass, prayed the Franciscan Crown Rosary, then had breakfast with … Continue reading

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Abby Johnson and Live Action’s Lila Rose Join Forces Against Planned Parenthood

Holy unCaped Crusaders, Batman! The author of unPlanned (the story of how Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, was converted to the pro-life movement–and ultimately, the Catholic Church!–by participating in an ultrasound-guided abortion) has joined forces with LiveAction, the … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood is trying to silence prosecutor, Webcast tonight, Feb 15

Planned Parenthood is facing its worst nightmare right now and is trying to ruin one of its most “dangerous” opponents. Read this post from Jill Stanek and join the live webcast @ 9pm ET tonight to learn more! Breaking, webcast … Continue reading

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