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I miss you already, Mother. RIP, Mother Angelica.

RIP, our beloved Mother Mary Angelica. You were loved by so many and that love will only grow, I know. Please pray for us, those you leave behind. And say hello for us to the ones who left us, the … Continue reading

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The more I learn about him the more I love Pope Francis

As so many of my compatriots, I speak only English so I’m still in the process of locating, collecting and reading what I can find in translation by and about our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. (And that is Pope … Continue reading

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We had forgotten about spiritual warfare but we have now been reminded

[A post for the Year of Faith.] Was I surprised by what happened on Election Day? Nope. Am I depressed or in deep despair over the results? No way. I saw it coming in 2008 and I saw it coming … Continue reading

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Doing things backward: Study was designed to support the HHS Mandate

OSV has published an article that exposes the flawed reasoning behind a study that was designed, not to evaluate the situation and see what steps were needed to deal with it, but to support the HHS Mandate. The “study” is … Continue reading

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One decision down, get ready, the real battle is only just beginning

Yes, I heard the news. No, I’m not surprised. Neither am I throwing up my hands in despair. The battle over religious freedom (and freedom in general) is on and it has only just begun. I’d like to quote a … Continue reading

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