NaNoWriMo Novel at 50,000 Words, Story Just Beginning

I DID IT! I WON! Hit 50,000 words even though the story has only just begun...Did. It. Finished. NaNoWriMo. Wrote 50,000 words on a draft of a novel that is still taking shape in my wee little mind. Every time I think I’m beginning to see the big picture of the story, something shifts and I see an aspect I had not suspected before. Or I realize that I’ve dropped an aspect that I definitely want to explore. Or a character or storyline that was a major focus isn’t any more. All of which is to say that, though my 50,000 word dash is at an end, the work on my story seems just about to begin. And that’s fine by me. I’m loving this.

NaNoWriMo November 2012
National Novel Writing Month, November 2012, WINNER
NaNoWriMo Just Finished! :)
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About Disciple

I am a pro-life activist, blogger, writer, poet, singer songwriter, musician, photographer, nerd, bookworm and Mac fan. I have two dogs, one of whom is well-travelled. (I had three for a while after adopting a senior dog, but he has now passed away, and the pack is back to two girl dogs. One was born after, the days of mammoth road trips.) And the most important thing is: I was received into Holy Mother Church in 1996 and, through the grace of God, I love Christ and His Church more with every passing day. Thanks be to God!
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