Disclose Act or Close Your Mouth Act?

(I dropped the ball on this by not finding out more and writing about it on the site. But here’s a belated post on it now.) The Disclose Act should be called the Close Your Mouth Act! Democrats are anxious (an understatement!) to pass this bill into law before the 2010 elections AND have included a clause (whatever you call it) that prevents the court from reviewing the bill until after said elections. How’s that for nerve, huh? Transparency, my rear end. The only transparency in our present government is their transparently self-serving, vile and base intentions. What has happened to our democratic republic? Democrats did, that’s who! Democrats who allowed their party to be hi-jacked by Socialists; and Republicans too weak and self-serving to notice what the heck was happening and didn’t stop it. And I’m not talking just about Democrats and Republicans in office, but the man on the street as well. Wake up, people, before it’s too late!


About Disciple

I am a pro-life activist, blogger, writer, poet, singer songwriter, musician, photographer, nerd, bookworm and Mac fan. I have two dogs, one of whom is well-travelled. (I had three for a while after adopting a senior dog, but he has now passed away, and the pack is back to two girl dogs. One was born after, the days of mammoth road trips.) And the most important thing is: I was received into Holy Mother Church in 1996 and, through the grace of God, I love Christ and His Church more with every passing day. Thanks be to God!
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