Posts to resume this week after I recover

Actually, I got several icons and a pdf certificateOh, the relief! The “incredible lightness of being”! Not having to work on the novel at breakneck speed every night after spending the day thinking and brainstorming. Now I can sit back and look over the mess I wrote. And I can get back to reading what I was reading before I started reading about plot and structure. I can get back to writing reviews and reflecting on what’s going on in the world. But first I’m taking a couple of days to chill and watch funny videos and re-charge myself.

Expect a post or two or three by the end of the week. I should be through celebrating and patting myself on the back by then. Or at least find a few moments to sandwich some real blog posts in between the glasses of champagne and self-congratulatory words of praise combined with much sighing over the certificate for completing the 50,000 word challenge ahead of schedule. Ah, does it get any better than this? (Well, actually, I certainly hope so. I hope I haven’t peaked. That would be sad, too sad!)


About Disciple

I am a pro-life activist, blogger, writer, poet, singer songwriter, musician, photographer, nerd, bookworm and Mac fan. I have two dogs, one of whom is well-travelled. (I had three for a while after adopting a senior dog, but he has now passed away, and the pack is back to two girl dogs. One was born after, the days of mammoth road trips.) And the most important thing is: I was received into Holy Mother Church in 1996 and, through the grace of God, I love Christ and His Church more with every passing day. Thanks be to God!
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