Catholic FM radio in Alabama

I was listening to Catholic radio this morning on the only Catholic station I can pick up in my car, Queen of Heaven Radio, WQOH 1480 AM. EWTN has been broadcasting the Catholic Radiothon from its studios and I think I heard Bishop Baker mention that they have an FM license now.

I was so excited when I heard the news, I sent John Martignoni an email to find out more. And guess what? It’s not for the Birmingham area; it’s for Gadsden and out that way. I’m disappointed that it’s not for Bham, but I’m still very excited that they’re growing. It’s going to be a while before they get the FM up and running; they’ve still got to build the tower. They have other towers around Alabama already, which I didn’t know until I read it on their site today. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, er, I’m keeping QOH Radio in my prayers. Here’s hoping we do get Catholic FM radio here soon!

Hey, I just read the email again and it looks like maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pick up the FM when it gets here. I live outside Bham, out east. I really am going to pray hard for this. And that I’ll be able to pick it up too. :)


About Disciple

I am a pro-life activist, blogger, writer, poet, singer songwriter, musician, photographer, nerd, bookworm and Mac fan. I have two dogs, one of whom is well-travelled. (I had three for a while after adopting a senior dog, but he has now passed away, and the pack is back to two girl dogs. One was born after, the days of mammoth road trips.) And the most important thing is: I was received into Holy Mother Church in 1996 and, through the grace of God, I love Christ and His Church more with every passing day. Thanks be to God!
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